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System Performance Measure 7: Destination Classification


Date Published: March 2016


System Performance Measure 7 requires communities to analyze where people exit to when they exit the system. For street outreach projects, nearly every exit is considered a positive exit because it means a person has left the street and has moved to some form of shelter. For all other project types, this measure evaluates whether persons in those projects moved to permanent destinations or not. It is important to note that HUD recognizes that some project types will have more moves to permanent destinations than others. HUD is aware that when communities are targeting the hardest to serve persons not everyone will necessarily exit to a permanent destination. However, this measure is intended to alert communities as to where people are exiting to and to determine how best to place the persons they are serving into permanent destinations.

The Housing Destination Summary document uses the destination types outlined in the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) to characterize what is considered either positive or negative outcomes for street outreach or permanent versus temporary locations for all other project types. The Explanatory Note document explains why some destination types were removed from the calculation for this measure.

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