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Changes to Accounting Requirements for the CDBG Program


Date Published: November 2015


This interim final rule, published November 12, 2015, makes several changes to the existing Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program regulations in order to better track the use of grant funds and improve accounting procedures in the program. Through this rule, HUD requires grantees to commence tracking the obligations and expenditures of funds for each specific fiscal year grant, rather than track such information cumulatively. In order to effectively implement this accounting change, changes are needed to the regulations applicable to affected grants, such as the program-specific regulations, consolidated plan regulations, and methods to calculate the cap on administrative and planning expenses. While amending these regulations to conform to and support this accounting practice in applicable regulations, HUD is also making certain grammatical and other technical corrections in those regulations.

On November 18, 2015, HUD published a correction to a technical error to the interim rule.

Keywords: FR 5797-I-01; FR 5797-C-02; grant based accounting

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