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HUD Housing Counseling Handbook 7610.1 REV-5


Date Published: May 2010


This handbook specifies the legislative and programmatic requirements for the implementation of the Housing Counseling Program. Specifically, the housing counseling handbook outlines requirements for program eligibility and approval, the delivery of comprehensive and Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) counseling services, program record keeping and reporting, performance monitoring, and the competitive funding and grant application process. It offers policy guidance and procedures for both HUD staff and program participants to assist both audiences with effective program oversight. This handbook also outlines the forms and data collection processes that are necessary to meet program reporting requirements. Additionally, this document references other HUD handbooks and industry websites that offer participants resources to assist with the implementation of their housing counseling initiatives. The HECM Protocol is also provided as an appendix to this handbook to offer additional guidance on reverse mortgage counseling.

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