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CoC Master List Template and Benchmark Report Generation Tool

Date Published: December 2019



This tool provides communities with templates to help develop or improve their master list – also known as the “active” or “by-name” list – in order to meet the Criteria and Benchmarks for Achieving the Goal of Ending Veteran Homelessness. The templates can be used “as-is” or can be adapted by communities to enhance local efforts. Users should closely review the Criteria and Benchmarks for Achieving the Goal of Ending Veteran Homelessness (revised June 2019) when using the template and generation tool.

The Master List template includes all data fields necessary to measure each of the four Federal benchmarks, as well as other fields to support case conferencing with the goal of rapidly exiting Veterans to permanent housing. The Benchmark Generation Tool uses data from the Master List template to automatically calculate the benchmarks and accurately monitor progress. Instruction tabs are included to provide guidance for how to use the tools and programming logic for the benchmarks.

Users may also refer to the Federal Criteria and Benchmarks Review Tool which provides a criteria checklist and benchmark worksheet to help communities assess their progress toward ending Veterans homelessness relative to the Federal Criteria and Benchmarks.

This tool is voluntary and not required by the Federal partners. This tool was developed in part with the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) technical assistance resources.

Update to the Master List Template and Benchmark Generation Tool: This Tool was updated in December 2019 to Version 3 to include a new data element, Transitional Housing Type to identify the type of transitional housing bed the Veteran entered, and to update the Benchmark Report logic for Benchmarks B and D. A complete description of the changes to the Tool can be found in the Technical Notes tab.

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