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Coordinated Entry and Victim Service Providers FAQs


Date Published: November 2015


This frequently asked questions (FAQs) document responds to questions about the coordinated entry process and how it relates to victim service providers for Continuums of Care (CoCs).

Note: In this document, HUD uses the shorthand term “victim of domestic violence” to ensure that the questions and answers are concise and easy to follow. However, when HUD uses the term “victim of domestic violence” in this document, it means all individuals and families who qualify under paragraph (4) of HUD’s definition of homeless.

View the Coordinated Entry Policy Brief to learn more about the coordinated entry process. View the Coordinated Entry and Youth FAQs to understand how it relates to youth for CoCs and view the Coordinated Entry and HMIS FAQs to understand how it relates to Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS).

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