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Notice CPD-15-07: Guidance for Charging Pre-Application Costs of Homeowners, Businesses, and Other Qualifying Entities to CDBG Disaster Recovery Grants


Date Published: September 2015


This Notice supersedes the July 30, 2013 CPD Notice (CPD 13-05) and the November 14, 2014 revision (14-017) which provide guidance for charging pre-application costs of homeowners, businesses, and other qualifying entities to CDBG Disaster Recovery Grants. This revision further clarifies how federal cross-cutting requirements apply to Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) activities described in this guidance. In particular, this revised guidance clarifies the applicability of the time limit on pre-application costs outlined in this Notice (one year after the date of the disaster) as it relates to environmental requirements and to grantee requests to charge costs that extend beyond the one year time limit.

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