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ESG-CAPER CSV Requirements

Date Published: July 2015

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This document is for historical reference only. eCart cannot be used to report on ESG after September 30, 2017. For more guidance on submitting ESG CAPERs, view the ESG CAPER Guides Tools and Webinars page.

This resource identifies the requirements to which vendors must adhere when programming the new ESG-CAPER report so that the ESG CAPER Annual Report Tool (eCART) is able to properly sort and organize data during the HMIS Comma-Separated Value (CSV) import process.

The ESG - CAPER is reported through the IDIS system. The new ESG - CAPER report, beginning October 1, 2015, consists of a subset of the tables that are used for the APR. HUD has invested in a flexible reporting tool called eCART which is designed to take an export of HMIS data and move it from the provider to the jurisdiction and then to HUD. eCART will enable ESG recipients (the jurisdiction receiving the funding from HUD) to import HMIS CSV files containing the aggregate responses for each question from each project in their jurisdiction into a single Excel Spreadsheet. ESG recipients will then attach the eCART spreadsheet to their CAPER submission in IDIS.

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