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Vets@Home Toolkit: Housing Stability


Date Published: September 2015


This toolkit provides resources and concepts for housing stability related to veterans and their families who experienced homelessness but who are now housed.

The toolkit includes the following sections:

  1. A discussion of the core concepts of housing stability
  2. Key strategies and related resources to increase housing stability for veterans moving out of homelessness
  3. Considerations for local public officials as they develop local strategies to support this national goal
  4. Hyperlinks to related tools and resources, both embedded in the toolkit and assembled in a list at the end of the toolkit

Keywords: veterans; crisis response; housing crisis; housing stability; housing stabilization; housing instability; housing focused case management; progressive assistance; progressive case management; case management training; housing plans; reasonable case plans; landlord/tenant support; housing navigator; housing specialist; VA income resources; veteran's e-benefits portal; SOAR; employment; income; veteran's health care; SSVF; Vets at Home

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