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RRH for Youth: Pathfinders Q-BLOK Program Profile


Date Published: May 2015


Rapid re-housing (RRH) for youth (defined as less than 25 years of age) is an evolving model that can be implemented using the PH-RRH component type under HUD’s CoC Program. This program profile, contributed by representatives from the Pathfinders Q-BLOK Program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is not intended to represent a complete service description, but rather to highlight what is working for some programs and further an important dialogue on ending youth homelessness.

The program profiled here uses a variety of funding sources (e.g. HUD, HHS, private and foundation funding, etc.), so readers should check the eligibility of specific elements. However, this program has developed replicable, CoC-eligible, promising practices for: 1.) Rapidly moving youth into permanent housing; 2.) Offering short- to medium-term financial assistance; and 3.) Providing developmentally appropriate case management and services.

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