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ESG and Consolidated Plan Conforming Amendments: An Overview of Changes


Date Published: April 2015


The Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH): Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program and Consolidated Plan (Con Plan) Conforming Amendments (interim rule), published on December 5, 2011, includes conforming amendments to the Con Plan regulations at 24 CFR Part 91. The purpose of this resource is to identify changes to Con Plan requirements, provide the locations of requirements in the eCon Planning Suite template screens, and provide guidance on these requirements. This resource does not provide instructions for completing the screens in the eCon Planning Suite which is addressed in the eCon Planning Suite Desk Guide. HUD encourages recipients to review Part 91, as amended, because this document does not address all Con Plan requirements, only changes made in the interim rule.

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