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Promise Zones Certification Form and Guidance for Promise Zone Preference Points or Priority/Special Consideration


Date Published: December 2014


The Promise Zone Certification Form (HUD Form 50153) is used by federal agencies to document that an application or proposal should receive preferences for certain competitive federal programs and technical assistance. The Certification Form should be submitted by organizations applying for federal assistance, in the specific manner described in notices, application materials and other documents, providing instructions on applying for the specific federal program from which the assistance is sought. The Certification Form should be signed by the primary contact of the Lead Organization of a designated Promise Zones community, an individual authorized to make commitments on behalf of and legally bind the Lead Organization.

The Certification Form provides evidence to the federal agency administering the program that the entity or entities named in the Form are:

  1. Engaged in activities, that in consultation with the Promise Zone lead organization further the purposes of the initiative;
  2. Proposing activities that either directly reflect the goals of the Promise Zone or will result in the delivery of services that are consistent with the goals of Promise Zone; and
  3. Committed to maintain an on-going relationship with the Promise Zone lead organization for the purposes of coordinating with other Promise Zone activities, reporting on milestones and outcomes, and collaborating with the lead organization and other Promise Zone organizations in securing additional resources and partnerships, as necessary.

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