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Notice CPD-14-013: Guidelines for Conducting Income Surveys to Determine the Percentage of LMI Persons in the Service Area of a CDBG-Funded Activity


Date Published: September 2014


This Notice describes guidelines (methodologies) for conducting income surveys to ascertain whether or not a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)-funded activity designed to benefit an area generally qualifies as primarily benefiting LMI persons. Section 105(c)(2)(A)(i) of the Housing and Community Development Act (HCDA) of 1974 (as amended) stipulates that an activity designed to address the needs of LMI persons of an area shall be considered to principally benefit LMI persons if “...not less than 51 percent of the residents of such area are persons of low and moderate income.” HUD’s regulatory requirements for conducting a survey to determine the percentage of LMI persons in the service area of a CDBG-funded activity are located at 24 CFR 570.208(a)(1)(vi) for the Entitlement program and 24 CFR 570.483(b)(1)(i)for the State program.

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