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CoC Program Environmental Review Resources

Date Published: January 2021



This resource provides Continuum of Care (CoC) Program recipients assistance in correctly identifying what level of environmental review is required for their CoC Program project(s). It provides links to the following forms: Categorically Excluded Subject to Section 58.5 (CEST), Exempt/Categorically Excluded Not Subject to Section 58.5 (CENST), Environmental Assessment (EA), and CoC Program CEST Limited Scope Review.

  • CoC Part 50 Flow Chart: The Part 50 Flowchart is to be used when a CoC is unable to work with a Responsible Entity (RE) to complete their environmental reviews, resulting in HUD completing the review under 24 CFR Part 50. The flowchart identifies how to complete environmental compliance based on activities involved in the proposed project.
  • CoC Part 50 TBL/TBRA HEROS Instructions: As part of the Part 50 process for CoC environmental reviews, HUD's Office of Environment and Energy (OEE) and Office of General Counsel (OGC) determined that a single Part 50 review may be completed to evaluate all units leased through CoC-assisted Tenant-Based Leasing (TBL) or Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) within an entire city, county, or state. HUD Community Planning and Development (CPD) staff may conduct a single environmental review that considers the largest number of CoC TBL/TBRA units possible (e.g., for all proposed CoC TBRA units in a single state). These instructions document how to conduct a state or jurisdiction-wide Part 50 environmental review for CoC TBL/TBRA activities in the HUD Environmental Review Online System (HEROS).
  • CoC Part 50 PBRA/SBRA Site Specific Environmental Review Form: For CoC-assisted Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA) or Sponsor-Based Rental Assistance (SBRA) projects without any associated physical activities beyond routine maintenance (e.g., repairs, rehabilitation, or construction), OEE developed a site-specific environmental review form. This form, as part of a tiered environmental review, is intended to be used only for Part 50 environmental reviews, completed when no RE can be found to complete a Part 58 review for the project activities. The activities reviewed using this form represent part of a larger, program-level environmental review record. A broad-level environmental review has already been established for Part 50 CoC PBRA and SBRA projects without associated repairs beyond routine maintenance to comply with many environmental laws and authorities.

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