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CoC HMIS Data Collection Templates

Date Published: October 2017



These templates provide Continuum of Care (CoC) Program recipients with recommended phrasing and ordering for collecting clients’ responses to HMIS data elements for CoC Program-funded projects at project entry, project annual assessment, and project exit.

These templates were revised in October 2017 to comport with the HMIS Data Standards. Templates are available for:

  • Project Start, plus supplemental forms for the HMIS Living Situation data element
  • Contacts (Street Outreach only)
  • Annual Assessment
  • Project Exit, plus a supplemental Exit form for Prevention projects

Nothing about providing these documents is intended to suggest that projects should collect responses on paper. HUD strongly recommends direct data entry into an HMIS where it is possible. However, the HMIS Data Standards are not phrased as questions, nor is it always clear the best possible order for asking questions in order to collect the most accurate responses.

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