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CPD Performance Measurement Training Manual


Date Published: August 2006


Between May and August 2006, HUD's Office of Community Planning and Development conducted fifteen training sessions to provide guidance on the implementation of the CPD Performance Measurement system. More than 3100 persons, representing CPD formula fund grantees nationwide attended these sessions. The guidebook that was originally developed for these training sessions has been updated and clarified as the result of comments and questions received. The final guidebook is now available and should be used to replace the earlier version. 

Chapter 1: The Role of Performance Measurement in HUD CPD Formula Grant Programs

Chapter 2: Overview of the CPD Outcome Performance Measurement System

Chapter 3: Implementing the CPD Outcome Performance Measurement System

Chapter 4: Measuring the Outcome of Housing Activities

Chapter 5: Measuring the Outcome of Economic Development Activities

Chapter 6: Measuring the Outcome of Homeless Housing and Support Activities

Chapter 7: Measuring the Outcome of HOPWA-Funded Activities

Chapter 8: Measuring the Outcome of Public Service Activities

Chapter 9: Measuring the Outcome of Public Facility and Improvement Activities

Chapter 10: Measuring the Outcome of Activities Concentrated in a Geographic Area

Chapter 11: Special Issues for States

Chapter 12: Entering Performance Data into IDIS

Chapter 13: Reporting on Results


Appendix 1: Energy Star Sets Energy Performance Standards for Buildings

Appendix 2: Federal Register Notice - March 7, 2006

Appendix 3: CPD Performance Measurement System Q&A


Attachment 1.1: Examples of Local Performance Measurement Systems

Attachment 3.1: Guidelines for Preparing a Consolidated Plan Submission for Local Jurisdictions

Attachment 3.2: Guidelines for Preparing a Consolidated Plan Submission for Housing and Community Development Programs

Attachment 10.1: Notice 96-01

Attachment 12.1: National Objectives Must Correspond to Matrix Codes

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