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Notice CPD-14-10: Transition Policy for LMISD Updates during FY 2014 for the State CDBG Program


Date Published: July 2014


Notice CPD-19-02 updates this Notice.

This Notice describes policy guidance regarding the updated 2014 Low/Moderate Income Summary Data (LMISD). The LMISD support the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) National Objective of providing benefit to low- and moderate-income persons on an area basis (LMA).1 The LMISD are derived from special data tabulations provided to HUD by the U.S. Census Bureau. The special tabulations include data on family income, which were based on the Decennial Census in previous years and are now based upon the American Community Survey (ACS). HUD anticipates receiving these special tabulations of ACS data every five years. As always, the LMISD will be slightly revised each year for changes to grantee jurisdictions and Entitlement CDBG program participations. However, the family income data from ACS, upon which the LMISD are based, will only be fully updated upon receipt of the special tabulations every five years.

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