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HMIS Data Standards Manual

Date Published: July 2015


The 2014 HMIS Data Standards Manual is intended to serve as a reference and provide basic guidance on HMIS data elements for CoCs, HMIS Lead Agencies, HMIS System Administrators, and users. The companion document to the HMIS Data Manual is the HMIS Data Dictionary which defines all of the data elements and requirements for HMIS compliance for HMIS Vendors and System Administrators.

The Manual was recently revised in July 2015 to reflect critical changes that were identified by HUD and its federal partners. Information about how to “back enter” data for clients who are active in the system as of October 1, 2015 is provided in the accompanying document, Data Entry for HMIS Critical Data Standards Changes. In addition, an accompanying document, Instructions for Mapping Existing HMIS Data for 2014 Version 3 HMIS Data Standards Elements, provides the mapping requirements for two of the Data Element changes approved for 2014 HMIS Data Standards Version 3 (Element 3.17 and Element 4.35A).

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