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Guide to the Data-Driven Planning Toolkit in CPD Maps


Date Published: April 2014


The Data-Driven Planning Toolkit in CPD Maps helps HUD grantees analyze and compare housing and economic development data among neighborhoods, surrounding jurisdictions, counties, regions and other states.

Using the Toolkit to design data-driven Consolidated Plan priorities and strategies can benefit HUD grantees in a number of ways, including:

  • Identifying which housing and economic problems are most prevalent within the jurisdiction
  • Assisting to conduct the needs assessment and market analysis requirements of the Consolidated Plan
  • Displaying the geographic relationships among the most severe problems, so grantees can allocate limited resources and set appropriate goals to address priority needs

This guide explains how to set up and use the Data-Driven Planning Toolkit effectively to interpret a broad range of data and apply it to the Consolidated Plan process.

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