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DRGR Data Upload Templates


Date Published: May 2022


These templates are intended for grantees to use to upload data in the Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting (DRGR) System.

Public Action Plan Module: Grantee Program

GP Expenditure Projection Add/Edit
GP Outcome Projection Add/Edit

Action Plan Module: Action Plan

Estimated Program Income Revolving Loan (PIRL) Amount
Funding Sources

Action Plan Module: Activity

Activity Service Area
Activity Service Area Remove
Add Activities
Edit Activities
Funding Sources
Responsible Organization Budgets

Action Plan Module: Project

Add Project
Edit Project

Action Plan Module: Responsible Organization

Add Responsible Organization
Edit Responsible Organization
Responsible Organization Contact Information

Action Plan Module: TA Work Plan

Add Rates/Staff to Work Plans - Coming Soon
Edit Rates/Staff Assigned to Work Plans - Coming Soon
Remove Rates/Staff on Work Plans - Coming Soon

Drawdown Module

Drawdown Voucher
Drawdown Obligations

Quarterly Performance Report Module

Accomplishment LM
Activity Progress
Address Supporting Information
Edit MID Activity

Admin Module: User Admin

Add User
Deactivate User
Edit User
Certify Grantee User
Certify HUD User

Admin Module: Batch/Power Uploads

Batch Uploads
Power User Activity Service Area
Power User Activity Service Area Remove

Admin Module: Manage Labor Categories, Rates, and Personnel

Add, Edit, Deactivate Labor Category and Rate, and Associate, Deassociate Personnel
Add, Edit, Deactivate Personnel and Associate, Deassociate Personnel to Labor Category


The following "Crosswalks" assist grantees with determining which column headings in a particular Data Upload Template require specific data entries (i.e., National Objective = "Low/Mod" or "NSP Only - LMMI")

Admin Module: User Request Crosswalk
Action Plan Module Crosswalk

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