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DRGR Data Upload Templates

Date Published: June 2020



These templates are intended for grantees to use to upload data in the Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting (DRGR) System.

Action Plan Module: Action Plan

Estimated Program Income Revolving Loan (PIRL) Amount
Funding Sources

Action Plan Module: Activity

Activity Service Area
Activity Service Area Remove
Add Activities
Edit Activities
Funding Sources
Responsible Organization Budgets

Action Plan Module: Project

Add Project
Edit Project

Action Plan Module: Responsible Organization

Add Responsible Organization
Edit Responsible Organization
Responsible Organization Contact Information

Action Plan Module: TA Work Plan

Add Rates/Staff to Work Plans
Edit Rates/Staff Assigned to Work Plans
Remove Rates/Staff on Work Plans

Drawdown Module

Drawdown Voucher
Drawdown Obligations

Quarterly Performance Report Module

Accomplishment LM
Activity Progress
Address Supporting Information
Edit MID Activity

Admin Module: User Admin

Add User
Deactivate User
Edit User
Certify Grantee User
Certify HUD User

Admin Module: Batch/Power Uploads

Batch Uploads
Power User Activity Service Area
Power User Activity Service Area Remove

Admin Module: Manage TA Rates

Add Rates
Edit Rates
Deactivate Rates

Admin Module: Manage TA Staff Assigned to Rates

Add Staff to Rates
Edit Staff Assigned to Rates
Remove Staff from Rates


The following "Crosswalks" assist grantees with determining which column headings in a particular Data Upload Template require specific data entries (i.e., National Objective = "Low/Mod" or "NSP Only - LMMI")

Admin Module: Staff Rates Request Crosswalk
Admin Module: User Request Crosswalk
Action Plan Module Crosswalk

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