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P.L. 113-2 CDBG-DR Action Plan Review and Certification Checklist


Date Published: January 2015


This Excel workbook provide the checklists for the review of disaster recovery Action Plans (and Partial Action Plans) submitted in response to the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act, 2013 ( P.L. 113-2). The workbook has been updated to include new checklists for the review of each grantee’s substantial amendment to their existing approved Action Plan to receive additional funds allocated in subsequent Federal Register Notices, including the third allocation of funds (79 FR 62182 published October 16, 2014 and 80 FR 1039 published January 8, 2015) and funds for Rebuild by Design (79 FR 62182 published October 16, 2014).

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Grant Type: CDBG-DR
Program Area: Not Specific
Topic: Action Plan
Phase: Pre-agreement
Disaster Year: Hurricane Sandy and Other Disasters Occurring in 2011-2013 (P.L. 113-2)

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