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Section 106 Agreement Database and Disaster Recovery Programmatic Agreements Database


Date Published: January 2023


The Section 106 Agreement Database is a collection of HUD-related Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) and Programmatic Agreements (PA) from across the country, mostly from 2001 to the present. The main purpose of this database is to provide users with a way to find agreements that may serve as models or samples for current projects that require an MOA or PA for compliance purposes. The intent is to facilitate the drafting of new Section 106 agreements. Users can also search the database and obtain a copy for their records. 

The Disaster Recovery Programmatic Agreements Database provides a state-by-state list of current disaster recovery PA that may apply to Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) projects. It includes which states have a FEMA PA* in place, which states and local governments have executed a HUD addendum to the FEMA PA, and any state-specific protocols, and/or guidance issued to support historic preservation and disaster recovery in the state. For more information on how a state or local government can sign on to a FEMA PA and use it to expedite Section 106 reviews of CDBG-DR projects, please contact Nancy Boone by calling 202-402-5718, or emailing Nancy.E.Boone@hud.gov.

*FEMA has executed a Prototype PA that includes a provision for other federal agencies and responsible entities to adopt the PA and utilize the same review procedures for their disaster programs. States may individually negotiate the Prototype PA with FEMA. States listed on the spreadsheet with blank cells either have no FEMA Prototype PA in place or no disaster PA at all.

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