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Point-in-Time Survey Tools


Date Published: December 2020


In order to collect Point-in Time (PIT) count data according to HUD standards, CoCs need to use high quality survey instruments. HUD is providing CoCs with a set of model surveys that they can use for the 2018 PIT count. These surveys reflect the review of best local practices, and the input of leading survey and homeless methodology experts. Please see below the list of model surveys, as well as a list of guides and tools that CoCs can use for the 2018 PIT count.

In the past, HUD provided access to a free mobile PIT count application (app). This mobile PIT app is no longer available. However, HUD anticipates publishing the open source code to the app for communities that wish to use that in their discussions to determine whether to adopt mobile technology as part of their PIT counts. HUD also plans on publishing a summary of lessons learned from the PIT mobile app for communities to use. HUD has kept the webinar with the PIT survey tools and the mobile app overview available for communities to review.

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