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HUD Memo: Directional Boring Beneath Wetlands and E.O. 11900

Date Published: November 2011



This memo describes the Office of Environment and Energy's (OEE) policy for applying Executive Order 1190 - Protection of Wetlands (E.O. 11990). E.O. 11990 requires the 8 Step Process when directional boring or drilling results in "new construction" in a wetland. OEE has determined that directional boring or drilling, when performed subject to certain conditions, can be a means to construct utility lines and other infrastructure without impacting wetlands or resulting in "new construction'' in wetlands. Due to this finding, OEE's policy is not to subject directional boring or drilling beneath a wetland to the 8 Step Process, so long as certain conditions are met, documented, and certified as part of the environmental review record.

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