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Amended EIS Filing System Guidance for Implementing 40 CFR 1506.9 and 1506.10 of the Council on Environmental Quality’s Regulations Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act


Date Published: August 2012


The purpose of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Filing System Guidelines is to provide guidance to federal agencies on filing Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), including draft, final, and supplemental EISs. Information is provided on: (1) How to file EISs; (2) the steps to follow when a Federal agency is adopting an EIS, or when an EIS is withdrawn, delayed or reopened; (3) public review periods; (4) issuance of notices of availability in the Federal Register; and (5) retention of filed EISs. These guidelines update the previous guidelines, which were first published in the Federal Register on March 7, 1989. These updated guidelines have been modified to incorporate changes necessary to implement the e-NEPA electronic filing system.

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