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Letter from Ann Oliva to Grant Recipients, CoC Leaders and Stakeholders

Date Published: July 2014

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The FY 2014 and FY 2013 letters from Ann Oliva provide updates on key initiatives and issues that impact the Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS), Continuum of Care (CoC) and Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) recipients, and the people served by homeless assistance programs.

The FY 2014 letter, released on July 16, 2014, includes information on the FY 2013 – FY 2014 CoC Program competition; progress towards Opening Doors; HEARTH regulations and implementation; technical assistance, training, and communications; and a discussion about what CoCs and recipients can do to maintain and increase progress on ending homelessness.

The FY 2013 letter, released on May 6, 2013, is listed below for historical purposes and includes information on the FY2012 CoC Program competition, FY2013 budget and 2013 CoC Program competition, ongoing implementation of the HEARTH Act regulations, and a discussion about priorities.

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