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Notice CPD-07-06: Commitment, CHDO Reservation, and Expenditure Deadline Requirements for the HOME Program


Date Published: June 2007


This Notice supercedes CPD Notice 01-13.

The purpose of this Notice is to describe the five year expenditure deadline requirements and the processes involved for deobligating funds that do not meet the requirements. The Notice will:

  • Provide procedures for determining whether Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) have met the requirements established by the HOME Program Final Rule codified at 24 CFR 92.500(d), which
    outlines the commitment, Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) reservation, and expenditure requirements for HOME Program funds.

  • Provide guidance on the types of documentation acceptable to HUD, which demonstrate the commitment, CHDO reservation, and expenditure requirements have been met.

  • Provide clarification regarding the treatment of program income in relation to a PJ’s commitment and expenditure requirements.

  • Delineate the deobligation process.

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