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CoC Planning Project Application Detailed Instructions and Instructional Guide

Date Published: July 2017

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The CoC Planning Project Application Detailed Instructions document provides supplementary instructions for organizations completing the CoC Planning Project Application. It is divided into sections based on the six parts of the application in e-snaps.

The CoC Planning Project Application Instructional Guide covers important information about accessing and completing the Project Application for CoC Planning costs. Collaborative Applicants can submit a Project Application and enter into a grant agreement with HUD for funding for CoC Planning costs. For the purposes of submitting a Project Application in e-snaps, the organization serving as the Collaborative Applicant must submit it as a Project Applicant. As a Project Applicant, the organization should review the CoC Planning Project Application together with the Project Applicant Profile Instructional Guide. As the Collaborative Applicant, the organization should review the CoC Priority Listings Instructional Guide.

Version 2 of the Instructional Guide updates the instructions for completing the HUD Form 2880.

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