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CoC Application Detailed Instructions and Navigational Guide

Date Published: August 2019



The CoC Application Detailed Instructions and CoC Application Navigational Guide are companion documents that cover important information about accessing and completing the FY 2019 CoC Application, which is one part of the FY 2019 CoC Consolidated Application.

The 2019 CoC Program Competition Report Instructions for HDX resource provides instructions for accessing the HDX report that shows all system-wide performance measures that were submitted to HUD, including relevant HIC, PIT count, and data quality data.

Version 4 of the FY 2019 CoC Application Detailed Instructions was posted Tuesday, August 20, 2019. In addition to the information in Version 3 that clarified the attachment requirements for questions 1E-1 and 1E-4, Version 4 provides further guidance and examples of the type of evidence that will satisfy these requirements. This guidance pertains to HUD's evaluation of questions 1E-2 (Project Review and Ranking—Objective Criteria), 1E-3 (Project Review and Ranking—Severity of Needs and Vulnerabilities), and 1E-4 (Public Postings—CoC Consolidated Application) of the CoC Application based on evidence posted to the 4B. Attachment screen, especially the attachment for question 1E-4. Please ensure you are reviewing the most recent versions of the Detailed Instructions and Navigational Guide.

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