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Notice CPD-94-01: Using HOME Funds for SRO and Group Housing (Supersedes CPD Notice 92-31)


Date Published: January 1994


This Notice supersedes CPD Notice 92-31.

This Notice provides guidance on using HOME funds for Single Room Occupancy (SRO) and Group Housing projects. The HOME Investment Partnership Program interim rule, (24 CFR Part 92, as amended) cites general targeting, subsidy and rent rules governing HOME-assisted projects while also providing a revised SRO definition. Application of targeting, subsidy and rent rules depends on how the Participating Jurisdiction (PJ) chooses to classify the project: one unit (usually determined by size) or separate and identifiable units This Notice discusses the options that are possible when applying subsidy, targeting, and applicable HOME rents.   The new construction of SRO housing is no longer restricted and is considered an eligible activity for all PJs under §92.205 with specific eligible costs being set forth in 92.206. This includes the conversion of non-residential space into an SRO as well.

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