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Notice CPD-12-009: Use of IDIS to Submit the Consolidated Plan

Date Published: April 2012

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This Notice describes changes to the Consolidated Plan, within current statutory and regulatory provisions, for a new process for electronic submission including a required template and other improvements as follows: A submission template for the Consolidated Plan, the Annual Action Plan, and Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) /Performance Evaluation Report (PER) for state grantees that will be required for all grantees receiving formula grants; Upgrades to the IDIS to facilitate electronic submission of the Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan and CAPER/PER according to the required template; New data describing a broad spectrum of community, economic and market conditions; A web-based data mapping tool to assist with place-based planning; and HUD’s transition plan to implement the Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan and CAPER submission templates in IDIS.

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