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Date Published: April 2009



Application Submission Requirements

This publication establishes the funding criteria for the FY2009 Rural Housing and Economic Development Program. This Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) will not be published in the Federal Register. There is a total of $26 million dollars available through this NOFA. There are three separate competitions within this NOFA.

Category 1 Support for Innovative Housing and Economic Development Activities;
Category 2 Economic Development and Entrepreneurship for Federally Recognized Indian Tribes; and
Category 3 Technical Assistance to Increase Capacity through Training and Outreach Activities for Federally Recognized Indian Tribes.

The application deadline date is May 29, 2009. Paper applications for the Rural Housing and Economic Development program must be sent to HUD via an acceptable delivery service, including the U.S. Post Office via overnight mail and received by HUD within 48 hours of such date (see the NOFA for specific instructions).

Completed paper applications (one original and two complete copies) must be submitted to Processing and Control Unit, Room 7251, Office of Community Planning and Development, Department of Housing and Urban Development, 451 Seventh Street, SW.,Washington, DC 20410-7000, ATTN: Office of Rural Housing and Economic Development.

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