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IDIS Online for State CDBG Grantees - Training Manual and Slides


Date Published: October 2022


This training explains how to set up, fund, draw funds, and report accomplishments and performance measures for State Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) activities in the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS). Topics related to these CDBG-specific processes are also covered.

Training Manual



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Overview of IDIS

Chapter 2: Projects

Chapter 3: The Common Activity Screens

Chapter 4: The CDBG Activity Setup Screens

Chapter 5: Activity Funding

Chapter 6: Drawdowns

Chapter 7: Receipting PI, SF, RL, and SI

Chapter 8: Section 108 Loans

Chapter 9: Accomplishment Reporting

Chapter 10: LMA Accomplishment Screens

Chapter 11: LMC Accomplishment Screens

Chapter 12: LMH Accomplishment Screens

Chapter 13: LMJ Accomplishment Screens

Chapter 14: SBA, SBS, and URG Accomplishment Screens

Chapter 15: At Risk Activities

Chapter 16: Cancelling Activities with Draws

Chapter 17: Grants

Chapter 18: Grant Repayments

Chapter 19: Grantees


Entire Manual




Case Studies

Guidance on Tracking Program Income for State CDBG Grantees

Section 108 Loan Guarantee Quick Start Guide for IDIS

How to Generate Reports in IDIS

Note: The training slides and handouts have not been updated to include grant based accounting changes. The grant based accounting page contains guidance on the requirement and training material from previously held webinars.

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