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Notice CPD-99-07: Field Environmental Review Processing for the HUD Urban Empowerment Zones Program (Round II)


Date Published: September 1999


This Notice directs field office CPD Division Directors to perform the environmental review processing for any EZ projects located within their HUD field office jurisdiction.  These field CPD Division Directors shall direct their staff to conduct the environmental review in accordance with 24 CFR Part 50 -- "Protection and Enhancement of Environmental Quality." (hereafter Part 50) EZ grantees must supply field CPD Division Directors with information that would help HUD complete the environmental review procedure under Part 50. The notice defines the information to be provided by EZ grantees to HUD (see Protocol -Appendix A), whenever EZ grantees propose to use EZ or non-HUD funds to acquire, rehabilitate, convert, lease, repair or construct property.   This Notice uses the terms and thresholds in Part 50 to identify when a particular type of activity is subject to compliance with environmental review procedures.  This Notice does not address the eligibility of any activity under the EZ program.  EZ activities that are eligible for funding are set for in 24 CFR Part 598 -- "Empowerment Zones: Rule for Second Round Designations" (63 FR 19151).

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