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Notice CPD-02-07: Cooperating Agency Agreements for Implementing Procedural Requirements of NEPA


Date Published: August 2002


On January 30th, 2002, the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) issued a memorandum requesting all Federal agencies to take further steps to implement the National Environmental Policy Act's (NEPA) mandate for preparing environmental assessments and environmental impact statements "in cooperation with State and local agencies," and other agencies with jurisdiction by law or with special expertise.

The purpose of this policy is to engender a collaborative approach among relevant agencies so that the roles of each agency can be maximized as well as the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the assessment process itself. This approach requires written formalization of the process in a "Cooperating Agency Agreement" between the relevant agencies.

In complying with the CEQ request, HUD has issued Notice CPD-02-7, CEQ Survey of Cooperating Agency Agreements. That Notice explains the NEPA policy in greater depth and requests HUD staff to participate in a survey to determine how effectively the CEQ policy is implemented at HUD. To further encourage wider use of Cooperating Agency Agreements, HUD is providing examples such as the Winooski Agreement so that Federal, State, and local agencies can better understand the circumstances under which these agreements can benefit all agencies involved in the environmental assessment process.

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