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Notice CPD-05-01: Instructions for Urban County Qualification for Participation in CDBG for FYs 2006-2008


Date Published: April 2005


This Notice establishes requirements, procedures and deadlines to be followed in the urban county qualification process for FYs 2006-2008.  Information concerning specific considerations and responsibilities for urban counties is also provided.  HUD Field Offices and urban counties are expected to adhere to the deadlines in This Notice.   The President’s budget for Fiscal Year 2006 does not include funding for the CDBG program.  Rather, under the President’s budget proposal, CDBG would be one of 18 programs consolidated into the Strengthening America’s Communities Initiative at the Department of Commerce.  However, the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, which authorizes the CDBG program, provides for an iterative process that each qualified county must complete every three years.  This process, which involves counties working with thousands of units of general local government eligible to participate, typically takes from April until mid-August to complete and it may not be known until after that time whether Congress will appropriate funds for CDBG for FY 2006.  In addition, jurisdictions that are eligible for a formula allocation under the HOME program include units of general local government that, as of the end of the previous fiscal year, are urban counties under the CDBG program.  Therefore, for administrative purposes, HUD is proceeding with the CDBG urban county qualification/requalification process at this time.

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