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Notice CPD-99-04: Commitment and Expenditure Deadline Requirements for the HOME Program (Supersedes CPD Notice 98-06)


Date Published: April 1999


Note: CPD Notice 07-06 supersedes CPD Notice 99-04.

The purpose of this Notice is to provide procedures for determining whether Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) have met the requirements for committing and expending HOME Program funds in accordance with the requirements of 24 CFR 92.500(d) of the HOME Program regulation. This Notice updates and modifies the procedures in CPD Notice 98-6-REV. Two substantial changes have been made in the notice. The Notice revises procedures for determining commitments and expenditures (See Paragraph III).  The notice has also been modified to revise information on data sources available for determining PJ commitments and expenditures (See Paragraph IV).

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