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Notice CPD-07-02: Transition Policy for Low/Mod Income Summary Data: Updates for FY2007 for State CDBG

Date Published: March 2007



This Notice describes policy guidance for HOME and CDBG Programs using the updated Low/Mod Income Summary Data (LMISD) resulting from the income limit areas HUD uses when preparing median family income estimates and income limits. The posting will include updated data for each non-entitlement locality in each state and will reflect new entitlement cities and urban county configurations. The updated LMISD data will have a minimal impact on states. Of the approximately 40,000 units of general local government, only 16 areas that previously met the 51% low and moderate income (LMI) eligibility threshold, now fail to meet the threshold. In addition, there are nearly 400 new areas that previously were not eligible, and now meet the 51% eligibility threshold. Information on the impact on all areas is contained in websites listed later in this Notice.

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