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Notice CPD-04-09: Transition Policy for Low/Mod Income Summary Data, Updates for FY2004 for Insular CDBG

Date Published: August 2004

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This Notice describes policy guidance for using the Low/Mod Income Summary Data (LMISD) resulting from the 2000 Census that will be posted on HUD’s website.  The posting will include census tract and block group data for the first time for the insular areas.  Up to now, Guam and the Virgin Islands were the only insular areas where any income data was available on a subjurisdiction basis, and that data was not strictly comparable to the LMISD.  For American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas (CNMI), it was assumed that all areas of the jurisdiction were at least 51% low-and moderate-income unless that presumption could be rebutted by generally available information.  

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