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Notice CPD-08-05: Implementing the New Freedom Initiative and Involving Persons with Disabilities in the Preparation of the Consolidated Plan through Citizen Participation


Date Published: May 2008


The purpose of this Notice is to reissue CPD Notice 05-03 to make it clear that Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME, and Housing Opportunities for Persons With Aids (HOPWA) funds can be used to respond to the challenges raised by Olmstead v. L.C, the New Freedom Initiative, and Executive Order 13217.  This reissued notice includes section on other publications that can be used for guidance as well as specific information on the use of HOME, and HOPWA funds for this initiative.  This Notice provides direction concerning the manner in which jurisdictions may incorporate the objectives of the New Freedom Initiative in identifying the needs of persons with disabilities and targeting CDBG, HOME, and HOPWA resources to meet those needs during the development of the jurisdictions' consolidated plans.  It also provides guidance on how to involve persons with disabilities and organizations representing persons with disabilities in the citizen participation process for the consolidated plan.

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