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The Homeless Definition and Eligibility for SHP, SPC, and ESG

Date Published: May 2012


This document provides a high-level overview of eligibility for the Supportive Housing Program, Shelter Plus Care Program, and Emergency Solutions Grants program by Category of Homelessness. These categories include: 1) literally homeless; 2) imminent risk of homelessness; 3) homeless under other Federal statues; and 4) fleeing/attempting to flee domestic violence. SHP and SPC eligibility information is on the first page and ESG eligibility information is on the second page.

Resource Links


  • ESG: Emergency Solutions Grants Program
  • S+C: Shelter Plus Care Program
  • SHP: Supportive Housing Program

Resource Approver:

  • HUD Approved

Author Organization:

  • HUD


  • Program Requirements
    • Definition of Homelessness
    • Participant Eligibility