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Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) FY 2011 Substantial Amendment Process and Other Related Information


Date Published: January 2012


These documents are outdated and should be used for historical reference only. For updated guidance, view the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) page.

To clarify certain requirements of the interim rule for the Emergency Solutions Grants program and Consolidated Plan conforming amendments (Interim Rule), HUD has issued the Notice of the FY 2011 Substantial Amendment Process and Other Related Information for Recipients of Emergency Solutions Grants Program Funds. This Notice advises the public of the award amounts and spending restrictions on the second allocation of FY 2011 Emergency Solutions Grants funding. To receive funds from the second allocation, recipients must prepare a substantial amendment to their Program Year 2011 Consolidated Annual Action Plan. The Notice explains the requirements of this substantial amendment, while highlighting relevant changes under the Interim Rule and providing guidance on critical decisions to be made during the planning process.

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