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Criteria and Recordkeeping Requirements for Definition of Homelessness

Date Published: January 2012

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This two-page document provides a high-level overview of the homeless definition by outlining the criteria for defining homelessness and the recordkeeping requirements based on four categories under which individuals and families may qualify as homeless. These categories include: 1) literally homeless; 2) imminent risk of homelessness; 3) homeless under other Federal statues; and 4) fleeing/attempting to flee domestic violence.

The Homeless Definition final rule, published in the Federal Register on December 5, 2011, integrates the regulation for the definition of “homeless” and the corresponding recordkeeping requirements for the Shelter Plus Care program and the Supportive Housing Program. This final rule also establishes the regulation for the definition “developmental disability” and the definition and recordkeeping requirements for “homeless individual with a disability” for the Shelter Plus Care program and the Supportive Housing Program. For more detailed information, please read the Homeless Definition Final Rule.

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