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Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH): Proposed Rule for HMIS Requirements

Date Published: December 2011

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On December 9, 2011, HUD continued its process of implementing the HEARTH Act by publishing the proposed rule for HMIS Requirements. The HEARTH Act required HUD to establish standards related to HMIS, including standards related to encryption of the data collected and the rights of persons receiving services under the McKinney-Vento Act. This proposed rule provides for: 1) uniform technical requirements of HMIS; 2) proper collection of data and maintenance of the database; and 3) confidentiality of the information in the database.

The comment period closed on February 7, 2012. Note: this rule is not for effect. HMISs that are currently in operation must continue to use the standards currently in place (the 2004 Technical Standards and the 2010 Data Standards) until the HMIS rule is published as final.

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