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Using IDIS Online for the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program

Date Published: February 2018



Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) program recipients use the Integrated Disbursement and Information System Online (IDIS) to draw program funds. These instructions explain how to set up the ESG project and activities correctly in IDIS. It assumes that readers have basic knowledge of how to navigate the system.

This document was updated in February 2018. This revised version:

  • Updates Section 6.1 to include information on grant based accounting;
  • Updates Section 8.2 with instructions for revising vouchers;
  • Adds new guidance on ESG reports: PR92 and PR93; and
  • Incorporates 11.15 system release updates for IDIS.

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Tags: ESG Financial and Grants Management - Financial Management and Accounting Systems (Part 85/Part 84) IDIS Reporting and Monitoring - CAPER
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