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HOPWA Tenant-based Rental Assistance Tracking Sheet as of 2004


Date Published: October 2008


The ability to accurately estimate your program budget is important. On one hand, it is important to spend program resources within the grant agreement period, and on the other hand, it is important to carefully manage resources so that you have enough funds to fulfill your obligations. This is particularly true for a rental assistance program. This excel-based tracking tool will allow project sponsors operating TBRA programs to make projections at the beginning of the year regarding the number of clients they anticipate serving and the amount of rental assistance they expect to pay monthly. Subsequently, sponsors can update the chart from month to month with actual expenses. Over time, this will provide the sponsor with historical data that can then be used for the next year's projections. Note: The current file includes sample data. Before using this tool, sample data should be deleted.

For additional information, refer to the HOPWA Program Administration Toolkit.

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