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The Community Perspective: Using Research and Technology to Identify Effective Solutions to Prevent and End Homelessness

Date Published: October 2008

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This publication highlights community-level best practices and is based on case studies presented at the Second Advanced Homeless Data Users Meeting. The document contains case studies from communities across the country demonstrating how communities are using program-level data to more fully understand the extent and nature of homelessness in their own community. Examples of this include: *Researchers from Wisconsin demonstrate a unique and innovative "network analysis" conducted to determine the effectiveness of transitional housing programs by program structure. *Community leaders in Houston, Texas were able to use GIS to assist with identifying encampments of homeless individuals for evacuation during a natural disaster and for targeting public health risk reduction initiatives. *Northern California communities and the state of Michigan demonstrate the data warehouse projects near completion. These warehouses will enable them to achieve a better understanding of characteristics of their region`s homeless.

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