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HPRP Webinar: IDIS Online: A Tool for HPRP Financial Management


Date Published: March 2011


This webinar held in March 2011 is intended for HPRP grantees, IDIS users, and CoC representatives who want to learn more about the analysis capabilities that IDIS can provide for HPRP. A basic understanding of HPRP and IDIS is recommended for this webinar, as HUD does not provide basic instruction on how to use IDIS for HPRP. The webinar discusses IDIS financial management capabilities for HPRP;details specific IDIS reports; provides examples of how IDIS can assist in HPRP program and financial analysis; provides communities with the IDIS tools they need to monitor the 60% and 100% expenditure requirements; and discusses strategies for increasing HPRP expenditures.

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