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HPRP APR HMIS Programming Specifications

Date Published: August 2011


The HPRP APR HMIS Programming Specifications are meant to convey the business rules required to create the HPRP APR. It is a companion document to the full CoC APR Programming Specifications. The HPRP APR Programming Specifications only describes HPRP-specific questions on the HUD APR and HPRP variations of the CoC APR questions. Readers will need to review the full CoC APR Specifications in order to produce the HPRP APR. There will be no detailed programming instructions in this document for HPRP APR questions which mirror the CoC APR questions.

Note: This document is an addendum to the CoC APR HMIS Programming Specifications. To ensure that you have the complete instructions, please be sure to review the CoC APR HMIS Programming Specifications.

Revised August 15, 2011.


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  • HPRP: Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program

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  • HMIS: Homeless Management Information System

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  • HUD Approved

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  • Abt Associates


  • Homelessness Prevention and Assistance
    • HMIS Participation and Data Quality
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    • HMIS
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