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HMIS Data Standards - Revised Notice March 2010

Date Published: March 2010


This Notice revises the Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) Data and Technical Standards Final Notice (69 FR 146, July 30, 2004). The Notice adds a new set of Program Description Data Elements (Section 2). In addition, the Notice presents revisions to HMIS Data Standards for Universal Data Elements (Section 3) and Program-Specific Data Elements (Section 4). These sections replace Section 2 (Universal Data Elements) and Section 3 (Program-Specific Data Elements) of the 2004 Notice. All other sections of the 2004 notice remain in effect.

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  • CoC: Continuum of Care Program
  • HPRP: Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program

Reporting System:

  • HMIS: Homeless Management Information System

Resource Approver:

  • HUD Approved

Author Organization:

  • HUD


  • Homelessness Prevention and Assistance
    • HMIS Participation and Data Quality
  • Reporting and Monitoring
    • HMIS