Multifamily Utility Data Collection Database

Utility benchmarking can be challenging in multifamily properties with tenant-paid utility accounts, because each utility provider requires property owners to follow a different procedure for requesting tenant-paid utility data.

To make things easier, HUD is incrementally cataloging utility providers’ procedures for requesting tenant-paid utility data, whole-property data, and automatic data transfer. It contains the following information:

  • Database: Documents the process for requesting utility data from many of the major utility providers in the United States, and the format(s) in which these utility providers share data
  • Rubric: Shows a scoring rubric used to develop a user-friendliness score for each utility provider
  • Regional Benchmarking Mandates: Outlines many of the local utility benchmarking laws that apply to multifamily properties

Download the Multifamily Utility Data Collection Database (XLSX)

Utility Profiles

Select the state where a utility operates to view a profile describing the utlity's procedures to release tenant-level and whole building energy use and cost data.